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Apply yourself HIV testing services in Vietnam

HIV is the human fear, the death penalty to developments dogged silently and flare at any time.

HIV is the human fear, the death penalty to developments dogged silently and flare at any time. Therefore, to help the people can know they have HIV or not, starting from 26.08.2016, himself HIV testing services will officially be implemented in Vietnam.

HIV figures in Vietnam

According to data from the World Health Organization (WHO), Vietnam has some 300,000 HIV-infected people in the average case 12000-14000 new infections each year. Therefore, the HIV epidemic could break out at any time.


With numbers above, Vietnam is a country with the 5th HIV in the Asia-Pacific region after India, China, Indonesia and Thailand.

How is HIV dangerous?

HIV was detected in 1981 and quickly became a dangerous epidemic at the global level. Once infected, HIV attacks the body’s white blood cells (cells that protect the body functions against disease).

Over time, the immune system of patients with severely reduced to almost lose the resistance lead to diseases such as tuberculosis dangerous opportunities, pneumonia, hepatitis B … and eventually lead to death if Untreated.

Apply yourself HIV test from 26/8

From 26/8, self-service official HIV testing is deployed in Vietnam, can help people find out they have HIV or not.

HIV testing method itself is very simple and easy to implement. Specific service test will take oral mucosa by taking blood test strips or fingers. Therefore, the test is also the first to know the results of their initial, ensure privacy and confidentiality.

With this method, the test can be applied to everyone, especially suitable for those in high risk groups such as homosexual men, injecting drug users, female sex workers.

Thus, the renewal of forms of HIV testing quick, handy will help people facilitate self-assessment of their status. Thereby there are positive measures to treat, especially in the first period.

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