ENT (Ear, Nose & Throat)

Our hospitals are specialty hospitals ENT with modern equipment and first in Vietnam. Internal examination and treatment – outpatient surgery and ENT diseases and head and neck with the health services of high quality.


The hospital has now deployed outside the examination (examination services) according to the following time frame:

+ From 2nd – 6th: 6g – 7g; 11g – 13g; 16g – 19g

+ Saturday and Sunday: 7g – 19g

The hospital has implemented forms doctor’s appointment: call directly, register via the call center 08 examination in 1081 (cost: 2,000 VND / minute).

You can call directly to the switchboard 08 1081 to be specific instructions or may call the ENT Department of the hospital for more details.

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Hotline 24/7: 1900 7179