Reproductive services

Stages of pregnancy is very important for the health of mother and baby. To develop comprehensive baby since I was in the womb until birth, you should select mode prenatal and professional monitoring. Understanding anxiety, we bring solutions with special care regime, most perfect, help for pregnant mothers and families completely relieve anxiety during pregnancy:


– Was gynecology experts leading direct examination, counseling and follow up during pregnancy.

– To enjoy the full benefits of use of prenatal care services, such as ultrasound, visit with the obstetrician and anesthesiologist, routine tests, fetal monitoring, vaccination … – Guarantee capture all changes in the mother’s body, detection and timely treatment and prevent the risk of adverse signs affect the health of mother and fetus – equipment, modern facilities with the best facilities in accordance with standards of medical service 5-star, international quality. – Students choose surgery date, hour, choose good doctors. – All the fixtures necessary for the mother and newborn baby clothing, nipples, milking machine … are prepared. With service pack 2 track and caring, we are honored to accompany her mother until the birth elected by the quality of health services, professional and responsible:

1. Maternity Services Package: Mother vote can register package “maternity” right from the first months of pregnancy (ideally after examination, ultrasound and do tests to make sure pregnant on Uterine).

2. Service Package birth: Mother elected to subscribe to the service “birth” starting from the 28th week of pregnancy to ensure entitlement best care.

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