Youngest pediatric liver transplant world

The doctor took the father’s left liver section baby, swing it back and liver transplantation in the right part of the baby.

Due to the complex nature of the operation that lasted 12 hours with a crew of 20 people, including 8 doctors. The doctors were very cautious in forming blood vessels and other tissues of liver transplantation to ensure normal operation.


This method never before used in children. Pairing “on the right lobe of liver left” has been made on a number of adult patients, but occurred over a number of complications of liver regeneration. However, Rand and her father baby has recovered well. After two months of operation, the baby’s father Rand was discharged and returned to normal life.

The success of this operation has important implications for the development of pediatric liver transplantation technique from people living around the world.

Including liver’s right lobe 2 parts are larger in size and the left lobe. Derived from human liver for transplantation is often in the same place at the receiver in order to facilitate the normal imaging blood vessels and bile ducts. However, he Rand congenital bile duct atrophy, no paths bile from the liver to the small intestine, resulting in abdominal organs such as the spleen left, swelling. This makes the left side of the abdominal cavity is very limited space, while only the left part of his father’s liver suitable for transplant.

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